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    • Gorilla Biz Media Group (GBMG) is proud to introduce the latest in Mobile LED TV Video Billboard Smart Trucks.

      Gorilla Biz Media Group (GBMG) is proud to introduce the latest in Mobile LED TV Video Billboard Smart Trucks, justifiably known as the BEAST™. Our LED Billboard Smart Trucks are precision manufactured and technologically advanced; built for sustainability, longevity and endurance.

      The BEAST™ is designed to withstand today’s harsh road conditions including light off-road driving for special events in remote areas without affecting the integrity and perfect alignment of the LED screens.

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      The BEAST™ is constructed in an ALL ALUMINUM ALLOY CONSTRUCTION from the inside framing of the waterproof LED screens to the outside exterior trim allowing for maximum reduction in overall weight load resulting in increased fuel mileage, driving stability and overall elevation of the driver experience.

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ON-BOARD 21kw Diesel Generator with Noise Reduction Enclosure


GBMG LED Billboard Truck Screens are powered by an INDUSTRIAL BUILT 21KW DIESEL GENERATOR enclosed in a Stainless Steel insulated housing designed for maximum noise reduction. The 21KW generator is controlled inside the cab of the truck with an in dash ELECTRONIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM providing instant notification of generator voltage, generator frequency, battery voltage, engine speed and run hours via one button navigation. Remote start and Engine pre-heat.

FEATURES: Auto shut down in mission critical situations including Overheating and Low oil pressures that may occur while in operation mode!

This INDUSTRIAL GRADE WORKHORSE IS DESIGNED TO OPERATE 24/7 and withstand harsh Hot & Cold temperature conditions while continually generating maximum power at normal operating temperatures and idle speeds while providing CONSTANT AND STEADY POWER to all LED side and rear screens.

Specs; to be supplied upon request.


3 Super Large Screens

LED TV Video Billboard Truck with 3 Super Large Screens


The BEAST™ is equipped with three (3) super large SMD LED Screens, Both Side screens are 12.5’ width by 6.5’ height! The Back screen is 6.5’ width x 6.5’ height.

Our high definition outdoor led displays are manufactured with the latest in Advanced LED Technology for Video playback and Live TV Streaming!


Secure your company’s growth by securing credit lines in advanced without the hassle of re-applying for credit terms each time you add another BEAST™ to your fleet! Update your entire mobile fleet at once with ease of financing.


BEAST™ Billboard Trucks are Equipped with the latest in SMD LED Technology


GBMG SMD 6mm LED panels are manufactured at our factory partners’ STATE OF THE ART MANUFACTURING FACILITY.

When purchasing LED billboard panels, always keep in mind that NOT all LED Panels are manufactured to the same specifications and quality level. Our billboard panels have an estimated LIFE SPAN OF 100,000 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS USAGE!

They are BUILT TO LAST OVER A DECADE and all electronic hardware components are rated to remain reliable throughout that Life Span. Our LED Screens are meticulously built to our own specifications using only the HIGHEST GRADE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS supplied by only the top Technology suppliers. Specs; to be supplied upon request.

Feel secure knowing that all GBMG LED components including LED Replacement Modules, Power Supplies, LED Chip-sets and all cables are covered under warranty for 36 months from date of purchase of your NEW BEAST™.

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About Us

Gorilla Biz Media Group (GBMG) is a Dallas Texas based company specializing in mobile digital solutions. GBMG is a TOP MANUFACTURER of High-End Mobile LED TV Video Billboard Smart Trucks, known as the BEAST™. Our up-fits are built on Brand New 2020 Toyota/HINO Commercial Smart Trucks.

We utilize the latest technologies in both high efficiency, low energy consumption SMD 6mm high resolution LED Screens and the highly advanced Smart Truck fleet management technology powered by Telogis, an OEM product offered throughout the HINO family line of commercial smart trucks.


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